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Welcome to my portfolio site. A little about myself. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Art of Game Design from Laguna College of Art + Design. Also, I have served as 68W Line Medic and a 25M Multimedia Illustrator for the US Army. Below is a gallery of my latest web design. Thanks for stopping by.

Involved from start to finish

Even though I started as graphic designer, I've learned so much along the way. My career started in graphic design for the snowboard industry but in over twelve years it has expanded from branding, web design, front end development, user experience, user interfaces, 3D modeling, and game design.


When it comes to any project I love the research phase. From keyword research to researching companies I do a thorough job.


During and after the research phase I document what needs to be done. If it's not written - it didn't happen.


From a blank Rhodia dotPad to wire-frames to clickable demos. I'm here for your Rapid prototyping needs.


HTML5 and CSS3 proficient. My primary goal of my design is to solve problems and communicate clearly.

Favorite Quote

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

― Bruce Lee

Game Design Passion

For my MFA thesis, I created a VR rhythm game called Super Nova. Super Nova is a Guitar Hero like rhythm game but play with your hands in VR. Inspired by PaRappa The Rapper, Super Nova is a vertical slice of an open music world where all quests are rhythm quests. This demo features a rap battle in VR for the Oculus or Vive.

Super Nova is a rhythm game set in an open music world where all the quests are done with rhythm mechanics. Play as J. Solomon, a normal, everyday marketing specialist being chased by an evil sentient being in the form of a Super Sport (SS) ‘69 Chevy Nova. The gameplay will take the player through a chaotic musical landscape with a sense of paranoia and dream-like states—always having to look over your shoulder because the Chevy Nova villain wants to kill you with their evil music.

The game demo (AKA the tutorial level) for Super Nova features a Hip-Hop rap battle level with two play modes. The first mode consists of the player blocking incoming notes materializing from the non-playable characters (NPC) mad rap skills. The second mode, which is meant to be the spiritual successor to PaRappa the Rapper, has the player playing a “Note Highway” with their hands in VR. This note highway interface fits lyrics, percussion sounds, and guitar/keyboard sounds into the song. The last verse will feature a boss mode where the player must rap battle the Chevy Nova.

Game Design

Just like most gamer's I have a ton of game narrative and game design ideas. When I was younger I was featured in Nintendo Power, for my highest score in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom NES game. View my Game Design portfolio here.

3D Modeling

I love 3D modeling and playing around in Maya. I just recently bought ZBrush Core and will be updating my portfolio soon with new 3D images. Please view my portfolio here and click on the game design filter.

Game Music

Music is also a passion of mine and I made the Super Nova music my MPC Studio. I then later produced it in Pro Tools. If you would like to hear some of my tunes, please visit my SoundCloud account here.

Skills and Time Usage

Adobe CC Suite
User Experience
User Interface
Rapid Prototyping and Flash Prototyping
Game Design Passion
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